How To Mix Patterns - Hump Day Home Makeover

October 02, 2013

It's always fun to find a new store or blog that is in tune with your style. I came across Society Social when they paired up with The Glitter Guide to host a giveaway of their bread and butter item, the bar cart. I saw the picture on my Instagram, immediately entered and then a few months later this living room popped up in my stream. I loved it immediately, screenshotted it and knew it had to feature one hump day.

They do a great job of nailing how-to mix and match patterns without over complicating the space. Here are some rules I like to follow when mixing patterns.

1. Pick one stand out color to mix with neutrals 
2. Vary the scale of the patterns by mixing large patterns with intricate ones
3. Give the eyes a place to rest by using a large piece of furniture in a neutral color
4. Choose complementary colors
5. If using a patterned wall paper, other patterns in the room should not match it's scale



  1. Love all the mixed patterns! I especially love that gold striped wallpaper. When I am a homeowner, I'll definitely have something similarly.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Same! Can't wait to be able to paint or wallpaper the walls. If you are renting now, this company has some temporary wall paper that sticks on and peels off!


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