Packing For NYC

July 24, 2012

 I am happy to say that packing for New York is going really well. It makes me feel even better that   I will be flying to NYC, and my car won't be resembling the one below.

Although - I think all my packing is taking a toll on my packing buddy who won't be coming to NYC with me :( I mean come on - how cute is that sad face???

for the love of decor // ikea edland

July 17, 2012

Last December, I was shopping around IKEA for a new bedside table to go in my new apartment. I really liked the EDLAND collection, but since all of my other furniture was dark brown or white it didn't really make sense. The collection is actually pretty unique for IKEA which is what caught my attention.

Flash forward a few months and my buyer's remorse set in - the furniture started popping up all over design blogs with awesome things you could use it for, and the line had been discontinued. The EDLAND tables were turned into a sink...

a bar cart...
redone as a set of buffet tables...

a changing table (not what sold me, but still a pretty cool idea), etc.

I think you get my point. So after searching Craigslist and eBay, I was out of luck until I started my move to NYC. I was up there last week looking for an apartment, and decided to check Craigslist again to find the side table. It was for sale in Midtown in mint condition and cheap! 

A subway ride later and I had it...outside...on the curb...with no car...and the table was MUCH bigger than it looked in pictures. 


I was so awkward trying to carry this thing into the elevator that some random guy offered to carry it out for me. His football tuck of the table walking out didn't make me feel much better about my awkward waddle.

The culprit:

With the help of an amazingly nice taxi driver, who helped me try to fit it into the trunk, the back of the cab, the trunk again, and got his bag stolen in the process by another cab driver, some nice people who held the door for me to my building, the security guard who shot me a thumbs up when I was doing some more awkward waddling and backward lean to get it through the security gate, and a very bruised arm...I managed to get this table back to Tribeca.

What would you do for the love of decor? 

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