IKEA Hack Gold Etagere

May 21, 2014

Happy Hump Day Everyone! In honor of hump day, I'm sharing my latest DIY project. It's one of my favorite kinds, an IKEA hack.

Every now and then a piece of IKEA furniture really blows up among the DIY community. Last it was the RAST dresser, and now the VITTSJO series. The series offers a lot of great pieces to redo from coffee tables to shelving units. I picked the single shelf to redo for our living room since it's the perfect size for the wall next to the couch.

This do-it-yourself project is really simple, and just requires some time and patience. 

Here's what you'll need:
Cost around $25
And the VITTSJO shelf from IKEA 
Cost - $40
The first step is to prime all of the pieces.

Next, spray each piece with the metallic gold spray from every angle and allow to dry. I did about 2 coats with just the one can. I used a painter's mat and wore a face mask to make sure I didn't get any spray paint on the ground and didn't inhale the fumes. You can also wear protective eye wear.

 Once dry, you will need to assemble the piece following the instructions and spray the heads of the black screws that show. Once all pieces are gold, spray all of them with the shellac finish, and let dry.

Here's the color and texture up close.

That's it! The hardest part for me was really just finding the time between a new job and new home to get outside and spray the pieces through all the steps. I love the end product and it fits perfectly in our new space. I decorated the shelves with items we already had and a few birthday presents (see pig and hostess book). I love the look of this kind of shelf with a lot of magazines or books, so I'll be collecting those of the next few months to add to it.

In other news, our building took the sign down from our window and we now have an amazing view of the city!


  1. Looks great! I love the use of Sherwin spray paint and that boat!!!

    1. Thanks Linds, Corley will be excited that you like his boat!

    2. Really nice. Can I ask you, did you buy that boat online? If you did, can you tell me wgere? I'm looking for one just like yours. Tnx

    3. Dejan - My husband actually bought the boat at an antique store in Charleston. Here is a similar one that's available online - http://bit.ly/1i1iT2F or

    4. Thanks Corbin for your help. :-)

  2. AWESOME! It looks great and nice use of space too - beautiful!


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