Apartment Update I

May 07, 2014

The apartment is coming along slowly, but surely. When we first moved in, I was dead-set on getting the apartment fully furnished (well, at least the living room) by the time CT returned from China. This gave me about 11 days, which was aggressive needless to say. I've decided to take my time and really find the pieces I love even and at a reasonable price even if that means waiting for the next month to go to Scotts or trolling Home Goods and One Kings Lane. So far, I have purchased my first antique rug for the entryway, which I LOVE. You may have seen my last post about how much I love esalerugs, but I can't say it enough. (Apologies for the crappy photo quality, my DSLR hasn't made it to the new apartment yet).

I also picked up this awesome TV console and a tufted bench at Home Goods. Both were total steals compared to the similar items I found online. Home Goods is one of my favorite go-to stores, but it can definitely be hit or miss. In the past three weeks or so, I have now been to the store about 4-5 times including two locations, and am so happy with what I found.

The guest bath is probably the most complete room in the apartment at the moment, and I love getting ready every morning in this room. The floor to ceiling windows let in a lot of light and compliment the yellow accents for a bright and cheery room.

And, here's my lovely couch that I also got a steal on from the ADAC sample sale.

My next goal is to find a rug for the living room. I have been pretty much all over Atlanta trying to decide on the style I want since I feel like the rug will really dictate that direction the room will go in. I've narrowed it down to three choices.

1 - White/Cream Cowhide Over A Sisal or Jute Rug

2 - Graphic Damask Rug
Nourison Riviera RI-04 Slate Area Rug

3 - Gray Geometric Rug

Hoping to finally make up my mind this week!


  1. Love your vintage rug score!! I really like the jute with the cowhide for your living room - any of them would look great though!

    1. Thanks for the input! I'm leaning on a jute rug and cowhide too. I love the look. Now I just need to find a jute rug that's not too rough.


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