mother's day gifts / under $60

April 30, 2013

I can't believe it's already May! Where has this year gone?! May just so happens to be one of my favorite months, although I'm a May baby and am totally partial. It's when the weather finally starts to be consistently warm, and there are a lot of fun events/holidays like The Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day to celebrate.

With Mother's Day now only twelve days away, I'm in full shopping mode to find my mom a nice gift to go along with the home cooked meal I plan to make that Sunday (May 12th). All of these gifts are under $60 and would be great paired with a homemade card.

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oversized woven baskets / fiddle leaf fig trees

April 29, 2013

Ok, so I know I haven't been in New York for even a year yet, but I'm giving the person with the most instances of carrying awkwardly large items down the street a serious run for their money.

No joke, I've carried pegboard, upholstery foam, canvases, shelving, an oversized accent table (remember that one from IKEA), and this weekend an oversized basket. It makes me laugh every time that in a city like NY when the streets are full of nutty people a girl carrying a large woven basket is what catches passerby's attention. I actually stopped a group's conversation and exchanged a laugh...over my woven basket.

I had originally planned use the basket to store pillows and blankets in a stylish way...
and then I discovered fiddle leaf fig trees. Next awkward thing I'll be carting around New York? I think so. How are are these trees?!

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knock your socks off/ not your average bottle tags

April 27, 2013

My impulse shopping normally comes in two forms - an attempt to turn around a bad day (I fully believe, and support therapy shopping), and when a product really knocks my socks off. 

These slate bottle tags & soapstone chalk are some of the coolest wine accessories I have seen in a long time. 

My boyfriend and I are huge wineos, and when we lived in Atlanta together loved to try a new wine and cook dinner. Now that I live in New York and he is still in Atlanta, I've actually had to invest in things like corks and had to worry about a bottle of wine going bad before I have time to finish it. That's where my first idea for these tags came in. They're perfect to hang around a bottle of wine with a reminder of the open date, so you can make sure you're keeping track of how long the bottle has been open and estimate when it will go bad.

The other thing I thought the tags would be really cool to use for is a cocktail party. I always have a hard time deciding what wine I'd like to drink if I don't know the wine by name. These tags are a fun and easy way to give guests tasting tips. 

Hey, now you have an excuse to throw a party tonight. Happy Weekend! Tags sold here.

inspiration junky #9 / chandeliers & baubles

April 26, 2013

This week I have to give a huge shout out to Waiting on Martha for introducing me to Coleen & Company chandeliers. I have been searching everywhere for boxy lantern-like chandeliers and just couldn't find any with the right twist of modern and traditional (seriously, EVERYWHERE - see). Coleen & Company's chandeliers are gorgeous, come in pretty much every color and have the perfect amount of flair.

Next up is Mimosa Lane who somehow managed to find stylish and adorable bauble jewelry for just $25!!

This week I'm loving all of the DIY projects you can do with palette boards! They are pretty much at every home improvement/hardware store laying around, so I love the idea of using something that is usually discarded to make a house beautiful.

I'm also obsessed with these wood veneer sunglasses I found at Bourbon & Boots, a new (?) site for original for unique handmade gifts. I just found the site this week, and am already a huge fan. On their about me they have a section called "This is who we think you might be," that says:

  • You love high quality products (check)
  • You are from the South or are a Southern Expat (livin’ up in yankeeland or maybe Texas) (...check)
  • You might even be a Carpetbagger who realizes how awesome Southern culture is (strike one)
  • You value small producers (check)
  • You value quality craftsmanship (check)
  • You like vintage and handmade things (check)
  • You value family and hospitality (check)

Corbin - 1, Bourbon & Boots - 6. They have me pegged...I love a site with a sense of humor.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Hump Day Home Makeover - Bathroom Organization

April 24, 2013

The trick to staying organized and keeping a space clean is having a place to put everything. While I'm still trying to tackle this with my small NY closet, I'm translating this tactic to the bathroom. This week's hump day home makeover is all about ideas on how to make more of your bathroom space! I'm dying to have a cabinet with glass doors for my bathroom storage, but unfortunately the space just isn't there. Instead I've taken advantage of my nooks and crannies and put shelves up pretty much anywhere they will fit and use woven baskets and a toiletries tray for storage.

What are your bathroom space saver or storage tricks?

cabinet image | tray image | silver tray | shelves image | bart cart | towels | woven baskets

cool earth day idea / anthropologie window displays

April 23, 2013

When it comes to Anthropologie, I am shamelessly drinking the kool-aid. It's at the top of my list of favorite stores of all time. So it's no surprise that their Earth Day window display made it on to my endless list of things I love at Anthropologie.

Their visual display team sure does have talent. A totally different look, but the creativity and details may be giving Bergdorf a run for its money..too far? Ok, but these displays are truly incredible. I love the use of ordinary and even traditionally discarded items to make these beautiful nature inspired displays.

the nursery files #3 / nursery ideas

April 21, 2013

One of the most challenging things about interior decorating is not only being able to put together a well-balanced and styled look, but also being able to put one together on a budget. Add a room you’ve never styled before or hardly know anything about, and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands.

Enter my nephew’s nursery. If you’ve been following the nursery files, you know I’ve been doing my research on nursery ideas thanks to all of the wonderful mom bloggers and friends who have shared their firsthand experiences.

This weekend I took the train from NYC to Charlottesville to visit my sister, help decorate the nursery and put my research to use. We spent all day Saturday hopping in and out of every store that could possibly sell baby stuff. Our goal? Be as thrifty as possible.

We ended up with new curtains, a rug, and a gallery wall. See our picks:

We were extremely impressed by Target's new Threshold line for its style and price. My self control  was working overtime to stop me from buying anything for my apartment and taking it back to NYC on the train with me. I even had an adorable shower curtain (that I don't need) in my hands for about 30 minutes until my bf finally convinced me to put it down. It was on clearance too!

Home Goods was our favorite stop of the day and a store that's new to the Charlottesville area. If you haven't hopped on the Home Goods trend you should! They have a wide variety of budget friendly items that change weekly. We even ended up returning a neutral rug that we thought was a steal at Target for an even cheaper one at Home Goods with a pattern!

inaugural friday's fancies / neon chartreuse

April 19, 2013

This week, I am finally joining in on Long Distance Loving's Friday's Fancies fun (try saying that 5 times fast). Up this week? Neon!

I picked neon chartreuse because nothing can make a girl love the color more than a pale girl who can't wear it. Thank goodness for accessories.

Trend to hop on this spring? Skinny camo jeans with a slouchy chartreuse sweater.

If it's at all possible, I fell in love with Phillip Lim bags a little bit more this week after discovering the "31 hour bag." It just made a quick sprint to the top of my tax return treat list. A bag designed for those who fit 31 hours into one day, me? I have to have it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! In case you missed it, I'm off to Virginia for a nursery decorating extravaganza. I'll be sharing our finds and projects this weekend on Instagram. Follow along @decoreat.


hump day home makeover / the nursery files #2

April 17, 2013

Since the last issue of Hump Day Home Makeover's "The Nursery Project," we've had some exciting news (and some mind changes, shocking). We now know that my sister is having a boy! Which means...forget gender neutral and bring on the blue!!

Thank goodness, because if my nephew/niece couldn't wear the awesome Christmas present I preemptively bought this year I would be heartbroken. How cute is this?!


Now that we know it's a boy the whole theme for the nursery is changing. I'm heading to Charlottesville this weekend to help decorate and assemble, and here is the plan! Since me designing the nursery for my sister's first baby is pretty much the blind leading the blind, I did my due diligence polling more baby saavy moms and friends for advice.Turns out Serena & Lily, Baby Braithwaite and Pottery Barn Kids are some of the favorites. We threw IKEA and Target's new Threshold line into the mix to keep things affordable.

1 - Serena & Lily: Navy Buddy Pillow Cover
2 - Serena & Lily: Turquoise Putty Diamond Lumbar Pillow
3 - IKEA: Maskros
4 - Target: Threshold Embroidered Vine Light Block Window Panel
5 - The Animal Print Shop: Little Darlings, Lamb
6 - Baby Braithwaite: Bla Bla Bluebirds Mobile
7 - IKEA - HEMNES, chest white
8 - Pottery Barn Kids: Wingback Convertible Rocker shown, similar - Target
9 - Pottery Barn Kids: Catalina Cottage Crib
10 - Lulu & Georgia: Foursquare Rug, Mustard and Slate
11 - Etsy: Bazarberber Moroccan Designer Luxury White Pouf

Get The Look:

tax day is over. bring on the refunds!

April 16, 2013

The IRS says the average tax refund for 2013 is $2,934, which leaves me thinking...what the heck happened to mine?? That could really do some serious damage to your shopping wishlist with that or even half of that!

I've had a few items on my ongoing wishlist that range in prices, so for those of you who were with me on the "what the heck" comment above, some of the items on this list are under and around $100. To the lucky ones getting back $2.9K+, the beautiful Jonathan Adler couch is for you...

1 - Anthropologie: Mathilde Chair, Posey | $1,498
2 - Jayson Home: Athena Tray | $48
3 - Karen Walker: Anytime in Crazy Tortoise/Gold | $264
4 - Benjamin Moore: Fresh Mint Paint | $36.99 - 67.99/gallon
5 - Furbish Studio: Tortoise Shell Highball Glasses | $60
6 - Nordstrom: Phillip Lim "Pashli" | $975
7 - jcpenney - Jonathan Adler Crescent Heights Tufted Sofa | $1,850
8 - Jayson Home: Brass Peace Sign | $168

new hair of the dog / sample sale sundays

April 15, 2013

Nowadays my sunday fundays have a bit of a different meaning than they did in college...mimosas + crab cakes benedict, and in this

So far, I have been able to avoid sample sales since I've been in New York convincing myself that the hassle was not worth the charge. But this weekend after a stronger than usual mimosa, my friend and I got suckered into a Yumi Kim and Pinky Otto sample sale on our trek from LES to Nolita to Soho in search of a sunny outdoor patio.

Disclosure: I am a sucker for Pinky Otto & a deal. The East Village store's window display boasted a buy 2 get 1 free promotion a few months ago catching my eye while waiting for a table at Mud (awesome brunch and coffee). Hook, line and sinker. Two new dresses, a sweater and a necklace later and I vouched to avoid the store (at least until another pay check).

Enter sample sale:

I blame the heavy pour of mimosa at brunch for this indiscretion...

From everyone's reaction to the group dressing room, it occurred to me that a lot of people were also trying a sample sale for the first time. So, I wanted to share some tips I picked up for other newbie sample sale goers. 

I picked up a three quarter length sleeved, Yumi Kim dress, and a Pinky Otto maxi dress that were originally $300 more than what I got them for. Success!
yumi kim

pinky otto

    Re: Tip #6 - My friend and I have decided we are not allowed to shop together anymore. We didn't take this advice and both ended up with a new dress from Pinky Otto. (But how cute are they?!) I am really loving three quarter length sleeves on dresses for this time for the year.

    And animal prints, how cute are these foxes and red key hole belt!

    Have you checked out a sample sale? Any tricks of the trade to add?

    april showers bring may flowers & trench coats?

    April 11, 2013

    Being outside for more than 30 seconds on my way to work is a new thing for me. Throw in rain and we've got a whole new animal. People in Atlanta hardly walk even 20 feet to get in their cars every morning, avoid the outdoors like the plague when it's raining and only take our version of the subway (which is pretty much like the L line) to Braves games. Needless to say, I'm a bit behind on the trench coat rain gear craze, and am pleasantly surprised by how the style has improved since my last rain coat, a red L.L. Bean windbreaker circa the 1990s.

    What I am loving about trench coats for this time of the year is how they are truly made for the weather. They are lightweight and perfect for a 50-60 degree day and make rain boots look more fashionably sound by adding a put together look to any rain ready outfit. I'm also pleasantly surprised to see what brands have done with rain shoes. Forget messing with how to style goulashes. Last but not least, I am still a huge fan of the clear umbrella after spotting it what, some ten years ago? on SATC. To the Charlottes out there, you know what I'm talking about.

    hump day home makeover / starting from scratch in the living room

    April 10, 2013

    You know that feeling when you move into a new home? It's a mix of excitement, exhaustion, how long can I possibly ignore the need to unpack, and phew, pass the glass bottle of wine. What about when you moved into your first apartment? My guess is you had some kind of mis-matched collection of furniture your parents purged from their attics and basements, and maybe a few homemade cups with your name on them. All of which did not make the trip to New York with me.

    Since I moved into a sublet room nine months ago, I have yet to worry about outfitting my apartment. With my roommate moving out about a week ago to get married, the reality has set in. I have to decorate. I use have to lightly as this would be a fun exercise with the correct wallet. With my wallet? Not as much fun, but hey, a girl can dream right?

    As you may have guessed, budget friendly suggestions are welcome.

    How To Build A Terrarium

    April 08, 2013

    Some of you may know that I am a huge fan of, ok, currently obsessed with terrariums, and have been talking about creating one for months now. I had promised my friend that we would build them together, but with both of us having long distance bfs we haven't been in the city the same weekend in months.

    So with this past weekend in Atlanta being nearly 80 degrees, I couldn't resist any longer. My solve? DIYing a more "manly" terrarium to live in my boyfriend's house.

    How-To DIY A Terrarium
    Wide Ceramic Pot
    Planter Liner
    Potting Soil
    Plants (Succulents, Cacti, Moss, Artichoke Agave, etc.) It's best to choose plants that all need the same amount of water and light. I choose plants that need bright list and seldomly need water.

    Step One - Choose A Container or Make One!
    We started off the day at Pike's nursery, which I was impressed to see has a DIY terrarium section (great marketing). Most of the containers there were very girly or expensive glass containers. I wanted something that looked a little more rustic and masculine, so we came up with our own makeshift container with a bit of a nautical feel. See how to create the rope container here.

    Step Two - Add A Filter Layer
    For this layer you can choose from a few things: rocks, sand or gravel. Cover the whole bottom of the container with an inch thick layer. I choose rocks since I wanted to use them again later in the project, but with this container you can definitely just use gravel since you won't see this layer.

    Step Three - Add Soil
    I used all purpose house plant soil for this layer. I put down a thin layer to cover the rocks first. Next, I placed my plants in the container so I could arrange them how I wanted before setting with soil.

    Once you selected your arrangement, remove the plants from the holders and add soil around each. This should fill up the rest of the container and be about 2-3 inches thick.

    tour: alaina kaczmarski’s chicago apartment

    April 05, 2013

    Home decor just never gets old for me. It's is always inspiring to see how different people decorate their living space with their personal style, current trends & hot items, and prized possessions. Yesterday, the co-founder of The Everygirl Alaina Kaczmarski's, Chicago apartment was featured on the site I had to share. It's gorgeous!

    The two times I have been to Chicago it has been in February and March when it is gloomy and freezing outside. So, I love how she has outfitted her whole apartment in light and breezy neutrals and accented with gold & silver, pink & green and cream. It gives her apartment a bright and airy feel that I think is necessary during Chicago's winter months. I also love her black and white photography and flowers in each room.

    beauty watch / get emma stone's statement lip color

    April 03, 2013

     I love Emma Stone's look. She's one of the actresses that I really credit with making pale trendy again (as a pale blonde myself, thanks!). I love her unique look and versatility with hair colors. She's also an actress to style watch for bold lip colors. Have you tried bold lips? I recently picked up some fuchsia lip stain from Sephora and loved the pop of color it brought to my complexion especially during the winter months.

    your guide to hanging light style

    April 01, 2013

    I have discovered a new found love for ceiling pendants & chandeliers. I'm attributing this to the act of growing up and finally being able to somewhat afford nicer home decor. I'm also blaming the awesome pendant prism chandeliers that have been popping up in my daily reading for my new found obsession. Love the look in the entry wall and bedroom. If anyone has seen this over-sized pendant for sale - please tell me where I can get one!

    If you're like me you're under the impressions that chandeliers and glitzy ceiling lamps are way out of your price range. While some of them are definitely out of mine, I've made sure to include some budget friendly finds that you can get for under $100!

    What's your ceiling lamp style?

    1 | Lightopia: Caviar Cluster Pendant
    2 | Zinc Door: Arteriors Zanadoo Chandelier
    3 | Jonathan Adler: Mini Sputnik Chandelier
    4 | Lightopia: Edmond Pendant
    5 | Williams Sonoma: Peterson Pendant 
    6 | Mr. Brown: Orion Chandelier
    7 | IKEA Maskros Pendant
    8 | IKEA Kristaller
    9 | West Elm Industrial Pendant - Mercury

    Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
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