How To Build A Terrarium

April 08, 2013

Some of you may know that I am a huge fan of, ok, currently obsessed with terrariums, and have been talking about creating one for months now. I had promised my friend that we would build them together, but with both of us having long distance bfs we haven't been in the city the same weekend in months.

So with this past weekend in Atlanta being nearly 80 degrees, I couldn't resist any longer. My solve? DIYing a more "manly" terrarium to live in my boyfriend's house.

How-To DIY A Terrarium
Wide Ceramic Pot
Planter Liner
Potting Soil
Plants (Succulents, Cacti, Moss, Artichoke Agave, etc.) It's best to choose plants that all need the same amount of water and light. I choose plants that need bright list and seldomly need water.

Step One - Choose A Container or Make One!
We started off the day at Pike's nursery, which I was impressed to see has a DIY terrarium section (great marketing). Most of the containers there were very girly or expensive glass containers. I wanted something that looked a little more rustic and masculine, so we came up with our own makeshift container with a bit of a nautical feel. See how to create the rope container here.

Step Two - Add A Filter Layer
For this layer you can choose from a few things: rocks, sand or gravel. Cover the whole bottom of the container with an inch thick layer. I choose rocks since I wanted to use them again later in the project, but with this container you can definitely just use gravel since you won't see this layer.

Step Three - Add Soil
I used all purpose house plant soil for this layer. I put down a thin layer to cover the rocks first. Next, I placed my plants in the container so I could arrange them how I wanted before setting with soil.

Once you selected your arrangement, remove the plants from the holders and add soil around each. This should fill up the rest of the container and be about 2-3 inches thick.


  1. I've been wanting a Terrarium for my apartment. Thanks for posting this DIY!

  2. So excited to create our own this weekend :)


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