oversized woven baskets / fiddle leaf fig trees

April 29, 2013

Ok, so I know I haven't been in New York for even a year yet, but I'm giving the person with the most instances of carrying awkwardly large items down the street a serious run for their money.

No joke, I've carried pegboard, upholstery foam, canvases, shelving, an oversized accent table (remember that one from IKEA), and this weekend an oversized basket. It makes me laugh every time that in a city like NY when the streets are full of nutty people a girl carrying a large woven basket is what catches passerby's attention. I actually stopped a group's conversation and exchanged a laugh...over my woven basket.

I had originally planned use the basket to store pillows and blankets in a stylish way...
and then I discovered fiddle leaf fig trees. Next awkward thing I'll be carting around New York? I think so. How are are these trees?!

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  1. Ooo so many fresh and fun ideas! Love the oversized baskets for storage options and display:)


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