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April 21, 2013

One of the most challenging things about interior decorating is not only being able to put together a well-balanced and styled look, but also being able to put one together on a budget. Add a room you’ve never styled before or hardly know anything about, and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands.

Enter my nephew’s nursery. If you’ve been following the nursery files, you know I’ve been doing my research on nursery ideas thanks to all of the wonderful mom bloggers and friends who have shared their firsthand experiences.

This weekend I took the train from NYC to Charlottesville to visit my sister, help decorate the nursery and put my research to use. We spent all day Saturday hopping in and out of every store that could possibly sell baby stuff. Our goal? Be as thrifty as possible.

We ended up with new curtains, a rug, and a gallery wall. See our picks:

We were extremely impressed by Target's new Threshold line for its style and price. My self control  was working overtime to stop me from buying anything for my apartment and taking it back to NYC on the train with me. I even had an adorable shower curtain (that I don't need) in my hands for about 30 minutes until my bf finally convinced me to put it down. It was on clearance too!

Home Goods was our favorite stop of the day and a store that's new to the Charlottesville area. If you haven't hopped on the Home Goods trend you should! They have a wide variety of budget friendly items that change weekly. We even ended up returning a neutral rug that we thought was a steal at Target for an even cheaper one at Home Goods with a pattern!

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