All Tied Up

April 13, 2015

A tied-up sandal is perfect for spring. Whether it's in a flat or a stiletto, the bow-ties feel dainty and girly on an edgy heel.

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Picking Paint Colors

April 01, 2015

Do you remember the first time you picked paint colors for your house? I've heard so many stories about the timely process with multiple trips to your local handy stores, many weekends painting color blocks on the walls and frequent room check-ins to see how the light is working. All of that building on top of the last time I painted a room in college and choose a nauseating pepto-pink color...

This time around I've decided to stick with easy neutrals like greige, but even that is hard - subtle undertones, lighting of each room and the fact that painting a swatch on the wall isn't an option. After extensive research, I've netted out on the below, and would LOVE any input to help steer me in the right direction. After this a good post on 'how not to choose paint colors' may follow.

Wall Paint Color Inspiration
Living Room
The living room is on the northwest side of the house, so it gets the cooler and harsher light. It was recommended to choose a color with a more yellow base over greens and grays, so I choose Dover White by Sherwin Williams (which seems to be pretty popular). Also went with a light color to help a darker room feel open and airy.

Paint:  Dover White

Dining Room + Sunroom
The dining room is on the south side of the house, so it gets a lot of warm, bright natural light while the sunroom gets exposure from all nearly all angles - N, S, and E. This was a tough one to choose, but I went with a cool gray color because I loved it's look in bright and indirect sunlight. I struggled between choosing Popular Gray and Worldly Gray, so would love to know if you have an opinion on the two colors!

Paint: Worldly Gray

All Bedrooms
I am taking more of a risk on and picking the same color for the northern and southern facing bedrooms and hoping the warmth in the beige can be picked up in both rooms. It's saturation is light enough to work and not feel dark in a northern room I'm hoping.

Other colors I really liked that were in the running were Aloof Gray and Shoji White. I went with a tip I saw about choosing a darker cooler when picking wall colors, which ruled these out because they are pretty light. I am really just shooting from the hip, so would love any input.

What are your favorite beiges, grays, whites and grieges?

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