art / my first hunting painting

January 03, 2012

This Christmas, I went with the that theory the best gifts are homemade and not from the store. I've been painting since I was a little kid and took painting classes all through out high school. My style of painting has always been abstract, so painting people to look like people has not been my expertise. So this year, when I decided to try out a painting with a person in it was a huge stretch. Especially since I was aiming to make the person look like my boyfriend hunting. 

I spent day after day before Christmas painting in my parent's TV room. I wish I could show you the evolution of this painting, but I think my Dad would kill me since he's in the background asleep on the couch in pretty much every one, ha. I'm pretty sure I was up until 2 am finishing up this painting to get the hunter to look like my bf on Christmas Eve, but it actually worked! Here's the final painting:

And my inspiration:

nye / happy 2012

January 02, 2012

Not a bad place to ring in the New Year.
Lake Burton, GA
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