Cyber Monday - Wishlist

November 26, 2012

This year I heard that people were camping out outside of stores as early as Monday for Black Friday. I don't know about you, but there is no deal worth 5 days of my Thanksgiving vacation. Needless to say, I am not a Black Friday shopper. I get my fix of pushy crowds in the morning on the subway.

Cyber Monday on the other hand - I LOVE. What's better than a day of online shopping with 20% off + deals from the comfort of your own home?!? Here are my Cyber Monday picks: 

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I found Lulu & Georgia on the blog Schue Love, and am really glad she blogged about it! The design shop has a bunch of really cute home decor items that are actually pretty affordable. Plus, today they are 26% off! I've been able to hold off on buying all of the items on my wishlist, but couldn't avoid buying the Tangiers Kelim Reversible rug. I've been really needing a colorful rug for my apartment, and love the bohemian style and affordable price (about $70 for a 5x8 patterned rug!)

My next pick is Trish McEvoy. I had a gift card from a great boutique beauty shop in Atlanta, Woo Skincare and Spa, that I needed to use and was introduced to her line.  I've definitely heard of Trish McEvoy before, but had never looked into her products. I can't believe after all these years of makeup it took me this long to find her! She has a great makeup "planner" that makes it easy to organize and travel with your makeup. Since I travel back and forth between Atlanta and New York often, this is the perfect solution for me. Her products aren't cheap, so this Cyber Monday deal really is a great one!

Would love to hear what great deals you've found this Monday!

Trend Spot - Deep Blues and Tribal

November 19, 2012

Tribal has been a hot topic for a while now since it's reinvention this Spring, but I am loving how it's being brought into people's homes and winter wardrobes. Mixing gray tribal patterns and deep blues are my favorite look right now for winter and decor. I love this top image from Lonny's November magazine. I think you could add a few pumpkins and a turkey and it'd be a perfect look for your Thanksgiving table this year.

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LES Brunch Spot - New York

November 17, 2012

Macondo - This latino eatery is quickly becoming my favorite spot for Sunday brunch on the lower east side. I've now tried out a variety of things on the brunch menu now and have quickly found my favorites. I highly recommend the polenta con chorizo, huevos rancheros and the patatas bravos side if you like spicy, and the blueberry pancakes for something savory and sweet.

This is also a great place for a group. They have a deal where the table can get all-you-can-drink-mimosas for 2 hrs for $11, and you get to choose from three flavors - elberberry, orange-vanilla and blueberry mint. Keep in mind that your two hours start for the whole table when the first person sits down at the table, so they normally suggest you wait until your whole party is there.


Thanksgiving Table Necessities

November 15, 2012

There's a week until Thanksgiving, which means it's time to get your holiday table decorations under control. Since I'll be spending the holiday at my parent's house, I'll be giving up my right to decorate the table (although I'm determined to sneak metallic pumpkins into the mix - seriously, it will happen).

But in the meantime, here's how I'd decorate my Thanksgiving table this year with golds, oranges, blues and greens. 

My top must-have item from this list are the twisted gold tumblers from Anthropologie. The gold makes them perfect for the holidays, but they could totally double year-round on a bar cart.

What color scheme are you choosing for your holiday decorations?

Hump Day Home Makoever - Lonny Living Room

November 14, 2012

I am a huge Restoration Hardware fan and a current resident of an "intimate" New York apartment, so this month's Lonny Magazine that featured an apartment makeover with Restoration Hardware's Big Style Small Spaces was clearly made for me.

I love the white and black contrast with floral and leather accents and white space that make the room feel bigger.

What you need to get Lonny Magazine's editor, Michelle Adam's, makeover look.

While the living room is my favorite, she really did a great job with the entire apartment. A lot of white spaces with space saving tricks throughout the entire apartment.

See the rest of Lonny's November magazine here.


November 08, 2012

As a result of my current Bohemian Chic obsession, I stumbled upon Justina Blakeney's blog, and it is fantastic!! She blogged about her trip to Istanbul last year, and her pictures from the Grand Bazaar are colorful and inspiring. 

photo credit - Justina Blakeney
In her posts she talks about "catching Suzani fever," in Istanbul, and I completely agree. I'm hooked. I love the bright colors, intricate details and geometric shapes of these vintage textiles and need one for my room.

photo credit - Justina Blakeney
photo credit - Justina Blakeney
So far my favorite Suzanis are the ones that mix navy and pink/coral. Here are a few I've found that I love.



As you can imagine finding handmade, vintage textiles that really look authentic are hard to find. From what I've seen, it looks like ebay is actually a better place than etsy (surprised? me too). The Loaded Trunk also has one that I really like (check out that pop of color), and I found a store in Charleston with one that I like as well.
Yes, I was only able to find two for sale right now that are the right size and color for my bed, which further supports my dream job. There is obviously a need for unique, worldly textiles for those of us in the states, and I am more to get out there and travel to get them for us.

Hump Day Home Makeover - Cozy Bedrooms

November 07, 2012

Today is the first snow in NYC, and it is really coming down! Growing up in Atlanta and having just spent the weekend at home in 70+ degrees weather you can imagine my shock with the blizzard going on outside today. But it shouldn't be a surprise that in celebration, observance, or the fact that I haven't figured out how to turn on my base board heating yet that this week's hump day home makeover is all about cozy bedrooms. And most importantly faux fur throws and rugs.




Artist Highlight - Jen Garrido

November 06, 2012

As a blogger nothing makes you feel better than having your friends complain to you about how long it's been since you've written a blog post. I have been slacking this past week with Sandy hitting the city and leaving my East Village apartment without power, water, cell service or internet for 7 days.

A few week's ago, I saw Jen Garrido's artwork on One Kings Lane, but didn't have a chance to blog about her work yet. Her abstract oil paintings are a great combination of colors and textures depicting nature based forms. As a fellow artist, I also appreciate her site's setup showing how her art has progressed through the years.

I love her paintings against a slate gray wall. 

image - HDTV; painting - Jen Garrido

source - painting
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