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April 03, 2013

 I love Emma Stone's look. She's one of the actresses that I really credit with making pale trendy again (as a pale blonde myself, thanks!). I love her unique look and versatility with hair colors. She's also an actress to style watch for bold lip colors. Have you tried bold lips? I recently picked up some fuchsia lip stain from Sephora and loved the pop of color it brought to my complexion especially during the winter months.

How to get her look? Here are some bright and bold lips colors I recommend trying. All of these lips colors will have a matte finish making the color look more classic than glittery glosses (think Emma Stone vs. Nicki Minaj). For first timers, I'd recommend starting with the "bold" colors. You can apply these lightly and mix with a sheer lip gloss to get the color with a little less pop. So far, I haven't tried the 'bolder' items, but doing my research these got the best reviews. Next on my list to try is this Nars pink matte lipstick.
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge | Nars Pure Matte Lipstick "Carthage" | Mabelline Color Sensational "Very Cherry" | Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro "Flesh" | Emma Stone image source

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