A Twist On Your Average Garden Stool

May 22, 2014

Garden stools have long been a staple of Southern decor. In my house growing up we had a garden stool in the living and family rooms serving as a low to the ground and convenient side table that could be placed nearly inconspicuously next to a chair. Then last year, one of my favorite Aussie digital decor magazines featured interior decorator, Sally Rhys-Jones's, entryway. It's been pretty much a year and I still remember it so let's just say her use of an oversized champagne cork as a garden stool stuck out. 

Adore Magazine 
Her space was awesome - traditional. chic, eclectic with a Parisian flare- all  things I love. It got me thinking how cool a cork stool is. A little 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids', but unique.and interesting. So, today, I'm sharing some options and thinking about adding one of these suckers to my new abode. Turns out I have a shelf really similar to Sally's it can sit next to.


I am so looking forward to the long weekend and a much needed beach trip. We're almost there!

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