A Birthday Surprise

May 13, 2014

This morning I woke up to my fiancé placing a large box on the end of the bed. The outside of the box had the silhouette of a pig, and I knew instantly what it was. Talk about a great wake up call on my birthday!
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About a year ago, CT and I were in Charleston for Labor Day and ended up shopping at Michael Mitchell. At the time Michael Mitchell carried the Harry Allen piggy bank in pretty much any color possible, and I was obsessed. 

I'm really excited to add my new pig to my decor, and have found a lot of great inspiration from fellow bloggers. The pig makes the perfect jewelry stand and decoration, but I'm not so sure about as a piggy bank. Today, I read that the bank holds up to $10,000 in dollar bills. So, tonight I made a big deal about how we could use the piggy as a place to start saving for a honeymoon. I put a dollar bill in, and most importantly tested getting it out. Let's just say if you ever managed to save up $10,000 you'd probably end up breaking the pig and buying a new one before you pulled out every bill.

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Don't forget to check back tomorrow! I'll be sharing an update on the apartment!

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