Apartment Update II

May 14, 2014

The other week, I shared a few pieces I was happy to find for the apartment, but today I'm excited to share how the living room is really coming together. I had a hard time deciding on what rug to pick, if you all remember, for the living room. So I picked two! 

Ok, but seriously, I went to nearly every store that sells rugs in Atlanta (that may be an exaggeration, Atlanta has thousands of wonderful home decor stores), but let's just say I went to a lot. And I found way too many beautiful rugs. I finally decided on getting a natural rug like a jute (it's softer than sisal), and layering a cowhide over it. One piece of advice I will give to people looking for rugs is you have to actually touch the rug in person. I went to Myers Carpet knowing they'd have a large selection of natural rugs for me to choose from, and turns out I'm allergic to them. So, it was back to the drawing board. I ended up picking this hand-tufted trellis rug that was one of my rug backups. It's soft to the touch and I love it! The double lined trellis print mixed with the different sized patterns makes it unique.

I still loved the idea of a cowhide, so I took two out on approval and tried them over the gray rug. This is another tip I will suggest if you're looking for a rug. Make sure you take it home and try it in the space. If you can't decide between two in the store, take both home and test them in your space. The one I liked in store wasn't the right color in my space. 

The coffee table itself was by far the easiest piece for me to pick for the room. Due to the size of the room, and my current obsession with lucite, it was a great solve for a table that gives the illusion of not taking up space. For the coffee table tray, I felt like the room needed some natural wood to balance out the modern pieces. I picked this tray up at Home Goods for under $20! 

I also found this awesome mini trunk there too for a similar price. I love the copper finish, and may go back for another (fingers crossed it's still there).

Couldn't help but share another picture of my antique rug now that I have my DSLR again. This thing is probably still my favorite piece in the apartment.

And last but not least, my new piggy bank CT gave me for my birthday! I'm still working on finding the right home for this guy.

Sofa: Vanguard Furniture, ADAC Sample Sale (similar)
Coffee Table: CB2 (love this too)
Tray: Home Goods
Candle: Home Goods
Trellis Rug: Designer Rug Warehouse (located on the Westside in Horizon Home)
Cowhide: Westside Foundry
Domino Book of Decorating: Anthropologie
Copper Trunk: Home Goods
Antique Rug: eSaleRugs (Currently have a 50% off sale!)
Piggy Bank:  Bday Present (can be found at Furbish Studio)


  1. Loving the lucite! and how stinkin adorable is that piggy bank, I esp like the cork ;)

    1. I can't get enough lucite especially lucite trunks that I just discovered.

  2. Looks so much different in the natural sunlight... GORGEOUS!

    1. Thanks Mags! Glad you were there for a second opinion on which cowhide looks the best.


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