Summer Fashion Picks

June 11, 2014

It's been far too long since I shared some of my favorite items out in the fashion world, so here they are. TWO is a pair of really cool earrings I found the other day. The pearl dot is on your earlobe and the spike are on the backing so they frame your earlobe. I just got my nails done last week with THREE. In my opinion, it's the perfect color for summer and it's held up better than any other manicure I've gotten that wasn't gel. That might be thanks to the place that did my nails though - Sugarcoat in Virginia Highlands. FOUR and TEN are some of my favorite shoes I've seen for summer - I'm really loving a neutral shoe. I am dying to own FIVE, this is such a perfect neutral and flexible bag to have to match a majority of summer outfits. SIX I thought was a fun and bright lip color for summer, has anyone tried Lippy? SEVEN I love the green lace and this dress is a steal - around $19! EIGHT - I do own and LOVE. They are lightweight and polarized and good investment for summer. NINE Let's face it palms leaves are in, and this ones from Target! ELEVEN I love a good envelope bag. ONE is a little out of place on this list, but I loved the pattern and color to help refresh your home for summer.

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