Refreshing For Spring

June 06, 2014

I love that the nice weather is finally here despite last night’s thunderstorm (if you don’t follow me on Instagram you have to check out how amazing the sky was after the storm – pink!) Atlanta’s weather is definitely something to covet, and a quality I love even more about the city after struggling through New York winters. The entire city is really green and blooming everywhere. This week, I bought a plant for the living room and will eventually be adding more once I make sure I can keep this one alive.

I also did some reorganizing of my new gold étagère (DIY here), and refreshed it a bit for spring! I was browsing One Kings Lane's Home Decor Handbook and found this article "Mastering the Shelfie," which I thought was a fun home decor play on the selfie craze. You'd think putting a shelf display together would be super easy, but I was trying to work with what I had and it just didn't look good together. I either didn't have enough books or trinkets or the stuff I had all together looked disjointed and forced.

I think the update that made the biggest difference on the shelf was adding the fresh cut snapdragons in a pitcher on top. I love that they keep the height I was trying to achieve with the boat, bring a nice spring feel to the room, and add color to the shelf without overpowering it.

I moved the pig up to the top shelf and removed the multi-color books keeping just a neutral stack of magazines and two photos following the advice of "the sparser the better." 

One other thing I was struggling with outside of the shelf decor was the depth of the space next to the couch. At first, I had the shelf turned with it's back against the side wall to try to take up the depth. I ended up re-positioning the shelf with it's back against the same wall as the couch, and put one of the tables from my nesting table set to act as the side table. I love this layering affect and it's the perfect fit for the space. I decorated with a sentimental gold owl lamp, gold candle, and my new love poems book to keep it simple.

Outside of the shelf, I added a burlap toss pillow that one of my best friends gave me when CT and I got engaged. It is a perfect fit for our couch and the burlap adds a nice summery feel to the couch. I'm still working on the art for above the couch either adding sconces or small antlers to the picture now or a new painting I'm working on.

I'd love to hear how you refresh your home for spring in the comments!

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