Designer Spotlight - Caitlin Wilson Designs

June 19, 2014

This beach week has been amazing so far. I have loved catching up on recipes and actually having time to blog. I came prepared for the week with more than my fair share of home decor magazines and have loved flipping through the inspiring pages. I came across a designer, Caitlin Wilson, who I have seen before, but was reminded how much I love her style. She mixes bright colors and patterns and  to give you an idea of her color palette she considers coral a neutral. Love. The spaces she creates are lovely and complex.

She also has a textile business that I admire. I have always thought how fun it would be to have a textiles based business and be able to travel the world to find new materials and patterns. Here are some designs that use her textiles that I would love to live in.


  1. Corbin! How cute is your blog? Love Caitlin Wilson Designs, and that Marfa print.

  2. Oh wow I really love her style here! These rooms are so beautiful and complex! Those textiles are gorgeous!


  3. Ok, I am so thrilled you found my blog which now led me to yours! I am obsessed and now will become a daily stalker :) Always looking to update my space and for cute new it all!! Gold details are a favorite :)

    xx Kendall

    1. I'm a sucker for gold details. Excited to follow your blog too, I am in desperate need of a new summer wardrobe!

  4. Hey nice post, home textiles plays a major role in the interior design, selecting a right textiles depending on the interior is very important. Modern Home Furnishing Textile comes with variety of designs and trends suiting a individual taste. Your post has a very fresh theme and variant collection of textile for modern home.


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