Hump Day Life Makeover

June 25, 2014

Today's Hump Day Home Makeover is going to be different than the usual (hence the title). I am in a particularly great mood today. CT and I are going to a foodie event tonight that I am so excited about. It's a food panel with some of Atlanta's top chefs like Ford Fry from St. Cecilia, The Optimist, King + Duke, and Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef and Woodfire Grill. Follow me on Twitter for live tweeting! And this morning somehow I managed to pull myself out of bed earlier than my usual 3 snooze routine and ran my fastest mile yet -7:49! Peachtree Road Race here I come. Hump Day - 0, Corbin - 1. 

In other news, I have been in full speed the past few weeks. If you noticed, last week on vacation I blogged my butt off. I just couldn't shut it off. That trend has continued this week, and I have started painting again. Growing up, I was really into painting and did a lot of it during high school. My latest is a colorful abstract I'm thinking about putting over the sofa. 

My new dresser finally came from One Kings Lane. I absolutely LOVE it! It is much taller than I expected, but lovely. Compared to the MALM IKEA dresser I had in New York whose drawers would sag with my winter sweaters, this one is made from white oak (real wood! woohoo) so it's nice and sturdy.

Last week, CT and I started wedding planning! We went to the venue for a jazz night, which happened to be in the same spot we will be doing our wedding ceremony. Isn't it beautiful? 

The other week I also went shopping at World Cost Market. I thought this sushi set was awesome - how cute are the fortune cookie soy sauce dishes?

I ordered 3 new pairs of shoes from Sole Society and literally love every single one, and they came last week. I'm trying not to be mad about the fact that they are all on sale now! Good news for you all, because these shoes are awesome. The one on the right I'm trying not to order this week (it's on sale) but love them for summer.

Hope you're all having great Wednesdays!

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