Apartment Spotlight - Katherine Vo's Home Tour

June 26, 2014

Do you read The Everygirl? It's one of my favorite lifestyle sites. The other day I was talking about how there just isn't enough time in the mornings to do everything I want to do. Maybe this is a blogger thing because there is a lot of pressure to get posts out before 9 AM when people are doing their daily read of the blogs they follow - flash forward to me Instagram stalking The Everygirl last night and finding out they are encouraging readers to wake up 30 mins early everyday to see what you can do with it. ESP? I told you they were good.

My favorite thing about The Everygirl are the home tours they feature. Different people's small homes across the U.S. are featured and these spaces are truly amazing and eye catching. The latest home tour I love is Katherine Vo's home in Orange County. This girl's got mad style. She knows how to pair color and patterns in an usual way making it really hard to find anything I would change in her home's decor.

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  1. Gotta love the everygirl! I need to incorporate some early am time into my routine too, or somehow squeeze an 8th day into the week.


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