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June 08, 2014

I love trying new restaurants, and am a big seafood fanatic. In the past few years a lot of new restaurants have opened up all over Atlanta, and now that we live in Midtown there are a lot of new restaurants to try. Walking to dinner from our house is a new luxury for us, and one of the big selling points Midtown had for us. The other night we tried out Lure on Crescent Avenue that is a part of Fifth Group's (they own Ecco,  South City Kitchen, etc.), and I loved it so much I had to share.

The atmosphere is certainly not the main reason we go to a restaurant, but this place has got a great one. The Fifth Group bought and completely redid the old Vickery's building outfitting the space with rustic reclaimed wood and a zinc bar, and an awesome outdoor patio. In 'Hot'tlanta, you often forgo sitting outside, but Lure has decked the space out with fans to make sitting outside enjoyable. 

We ordered a mixture of raw appetizers and entrees. We started with beausoleil oysters on the half shell from New Brunswick and the cold smoked salmon that's cured in house with dill. Seared tuna is one of my favorite dishes, and I have ordered it in pretty much every restaurant we've been to that offers it. I loved the tuna dish at Lure, because of its really unique taste. I had never had tuna served with spicy lentils and it was cooked perfectly. CT ordered the whole trout, and they filleted it at the table for us. It was served with a summer salad with fennel and cucumber and a lemon vinaigrette that so good I made it at home that week. For desert, we ordered the blueberry crumb cake with pistachio ice cream and aged gouda. I was most impressed with the unlikely flavors the chef mixed together in each dish making each something I had never had before.
Check out the full menu:

With how much we love Mexican, we will have to try Fifth Group's new Mexican restaurant, Alma Cocina. 

We are always looking for new restaurants to try, so I'd love your recommendation!

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