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June 21, 2014

Every year Apartment Therapy hosts a contest to find the "coolest" small space under 1,000 sq. feet. The things people do to personalize their small spaces are truly incredible.

The winner this year was - Tiffany and Alan's Brooklyn home that fell into the Tiny Teeny category aka 350 sq ft! Their space they had to work with alone is absolutely beautiful having once been the parlor of an old ship captain's home that was built in the 1800s. Check out those details! I love the mix of artwork and modern chairs they combined together for a sophisticated look.
And how they made the bedroom feel separated from the rest of the room with the makeshift canopy.

Here are some of my other favorites from Vancouver to Petaluma, CA to San Francisco to Alexandria, Virginia.

In this design, i love the mixed matched chairs at the dining room table and the split-leaf philodendron. 
I think I must have a thing for bucket neck chairs. I love how this decor juxtaposes their modern style against a rustic, natural wood coffee table.
This neon light love sign I also thought was a really cool touch to the bedroom.
Get The Look:

The gallery wall and dark moody colors in this room got me mixed with that really cool leather chair, and of course the happy kitty. 

I also like this girl's priorities - she lives in a small space - 650 sq feet and she's got an awesome place to store all of her shoes.

 Last was this uber modern apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. I love the monochromatic and sleek modern pieces with the shag rug.



  1. Wow; all those spaces are amazing! I keep reading about more and more people downsizing to smaller homes and in the process focusing on only what's necessary and chic. I love it!

    1. After seeing how amazing these spaces are it sounds like such a good idea! We decided to live in an apt under 1,000 sq ft in Atlanta and I am loving the decision so far.


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