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May 22, 2013

Having a small closet can be tough. If you don't have the space to store all your clothes, accessories, etc. you can end up with a consistently messy closet and room. I've been wanting to get my closet in order and with the start of the spring season it feels like the perfect time.

At this point we know each other well enough for me to share this with you. Until the other day, this was the state of my current small closet. As you can see, I really wasn't maximizing any of my space or keep it organized. I was also trying to make lot of bootleg storage containers work some of which were left over boxes of items the girl who lived in the room before me used.

 Now, my closet looks like this after taking into account a few great tips for small closet storage.

1. The very first tip I suggest is that you use your closet for about a week or so to see how you are using it. For example, the containers the girl before me had must have worked great for her closet, but just didn't  work quite right for mine. In order to organize my closet, I thought about how I used my closet and what I wanted to get out of the storage.

2. First things first, your readily available clothes, shoes and accessories should be true to the season. Once the season changes, wash and pack away the previous season's garb for the next year to open up space in the active part of the closet. During this time I also look at what items I never wanted to wear that season and get them ready to be donated. This keeps the number of clothes down and also makes you feel better about ignoring that shirt the whole season.

3. Purchase matching hangers to allow for more space on the rack. I prefer the skinny white plastic hangers to maximize space.

4. Organize your closet by tops and dresses. This allows you to open up space below the shorter shirts' section.

4. Find a good shoe storage system. I picked up this 6 cubby shoe holder knowing I needed a place for my larger heels and tennis shoes. In addition to this, I have a hanging shoe rack that goes over the door, and store my boots in a repurposed brown box. I have yet to find a great idea for winter shoe storage and didn't want to invest in a holder for these shoes knowing it would get dirty. An upcycled box at the bottom of my closet felt like the perfect fit.

5. Next, store items at the top in the harder to reach areas that you won't need often. This is the perfect place for the down comforter or sweaters you won't need again until the weather gets cold. 

6. Lastly, I take this for granted in my closet, but if you don't have a shelf above your hanging rack...add on. That has been huge in creating space in my closet.

I also used some left over shoe boxes for extra storage and am still trying to make the stackable shelves I inherited work, but here's another look. 

I really love the look of the front open boxes from The Container Store, but am still trying to figure out what purpose they would serve for me. I'm thinking the could live under the shoe boxes and be the perfect holders for my clutches and belts.

What small closet ideas have you tried?

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  1. Oh I so need to get into mine! We are just heading into winter and its hardto get in the mood for it now. But anything to help maximise my clothes wearability (wear 90-95% of my clothes instead of 25%!) is worth doing, so many things are shoved in that I don't even see!


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