friday's fancies / how do you floral?

May 03, 2013

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about May flowers! I really love how far florals have come in the fashion world making a jump from frumpy to chic. Zara is currently my favorite store for modern floral prints. They feel a bit edgier than other florals and still keep bright colors in the mix. I have also really been loving floral dresses mixed with army jackets like I saw on A Bit of Sass, but agree with Long Distance Loving that on the Friday before Derby its gotta be a Derby outfit.

In true Louisville fashion, I'm sure my mom will be cooking up her mint juleps today getting ready for the Derby tomorrow. Growing up in Louisville, shes a true believer in a mint julep tasting better when you make it the day before. See her recipe here.


  1. Today I'm wearing a floral scarf! It is about to storm here in Atlanta though so it doesn't feel very spring-like. Can't wait for the Derby!

    1. Sorry to hear the weather is bad in Atlanta! Hopefully it shapes up for tomorrow and you can go outside for Cinco de Mayo and Derby!

  2. Love it all, such sweet picks for the Derby!


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