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May 10, 2013

It's always hard to pack for a weekend trip to a place with a different climate than your home. I can never remember exactly what the degrees feels like and what should be worn then. Lucky for me, New York and Atlanta have exactly the same weather right now, so I'm taking my go to weekend outfit with me. This is my ideal weekend day outfit for Farmer's Markets, antiquing, and lunch on a patio (Bone Garden here I come!).

AG Jeans | Michael Kors Watch | Earrings - sold out; similar 1 & 2 | Leopard Print Shoes - sold out; similar | Bow Detail Sweater | Arrowhead Necklace

This weekend also happens to be my birthday, and I'm a full believer in a new birthday outfit being mandatory. I have been saving the dress I got from Pinky Otto and am hoping the weather is just right for the three quarter length sleeves!


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    1. Same! They're from jcpenney and are the most comfortable leopard print loafers I have tried on. They're sold out online but I got mine in store a little bit ago for like $30!

  2. Great outfit! I especially love the flats! Welcome to Atlanta and Happy Birthday! Bone Garden is one of my faves. Enjoy and safe travels.
    Stopping by from Friday's Fancies!

    1. Thanks Sara! Bone Garden cheese dip and brisket tacos are the best!

  3. I love the bow sweater. It supposed to rain here in Atlanta tomorrow then should be pretty nice on Sunday!

    I love how you mixed a bunch of different patterns together... I still have fear I'll mix the wrong patterns together ha!


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