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May 29, 2013

As I get more and more into cooking, I've started thinking about ways to make my small kitchen more functional. Of course my first thought was to turn to Apartment Therapy, because clearly they will have some small kitchen ideas for me! Or not. Their "10 Favorite Small Kitchens" were huge! I would die for any of those kitchens. I mean come on!

And then I found "20 Small Kitchens with Style" and "10 Organized and Efficient Kitchen." Apartment Therapy, I knew I could rely on you. 

Some small kitchen space saver ideas I love:

So far, I'm only using a few of these space saving ideas and have a lot more way that I could maximize my space.

Shelves for plates, spices, etc. is a must in a small kitchen. I'd also go so far to say a kitchen cart or some kind of table dueling as an island is as well. If you don't have space for a table, these kitchen carts are great for storage and extra counter space. Plus, they role. I also really love my magnetic knife rack. I have limited counter space, so one of my main issues is being able to wash dishes and lay them to dry and still be able to use my kitchen. My knife rack duels as a knife holder and dry rack for my knives.

Mixing bowls are great to have and I love this stackable set. It saves space in your cabinets and is practical for cooking. This cookbook holder is my next pick, because 1. It's awesome! and 2. I'm really hoping it would work as an ipad holder too.

How do you save space in your small kitchen?

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