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June 26, 2013

With my mom spending her 50th summer and I my 26th, you can imagine why this is a place that we hold dear in our hearts. My mom's side of the family grew up coming to Pawleys Island every summer and staying in a wonderful, oceanfront bed and breakfast, Sea View Inn. I spent a few of my early summers at the Inn, and after visiting this past weekend I had to share its shabby chic design. Check out how to get the beach look for your home below!

Wood boards are everywhere in the Inns decor from painted ceilings to walls to floors. The back porch is one of my favorite rooms with it's white lofted ceiling and aqua floors. Isn't it fantastic?? 
Lime green and aqua are a match made in heaven.

This two pieced buffet is my next favorite decor piece in the Inn. The bright coral color is bright and cheery and makes a fun mix with the blue tiled counter. Here are some of my favorites of the living room and outdoor 

The whole Inn is charming and homey with bare feet guests, swinging Western doors, southern cooked meals, communal showers (and liquor cabinet),  and a nap/quiet hour from lunch to dinner.

Get the beach look for your home.

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  1. What a cozy place! And how awesome that your family has been coming there for so long, I bet you all have some wonderful memories.


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