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June 14, 2013

Wedding seasons have come in waves for me. One year I'll have 5 or so and the next none. When five weddings happen all within the same few months of each other the wedding gifts and dresses can really hit your wallet pretty hard all at the same time. So, for this week I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving for this week's edition of Friday's Fancies.

My pick for Wedding Season is this adorable pink polka dotted dress from one of my favorite and affordable online shops, Sosie.

Somehow this cute little number is only $32!

{ dress }

It would look great paired with any these statement pieces that are all under $25! 

Don't forget to enter yesterday's art giveaway! You could win a customized gingko leaf cutout for your home.


  1. it sure does come in waves. funny how that happens.
    love that dress + so many fun necklaces to pair it with! xo

    1. I can already tell since this year has been slow next year will be my wave. You should check out that jewelry company they have so many cute and affordable pieces!

  2. OMG I am maid of honor in 2 wedding this year so my wallet is taking a beating! That pink dress is seriously perfect!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. How exciting! Hopefully the dresses you're wearing can be re-worn!


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