hump day home makeover / foo dog color bursts

June 05, 2013

I don't know when these little guys won me over, but somewhere along the way their ugly faces went from ugh to I. must. have. a. pair. It's like the pug dogs whose squishy wrinkly faces are so freaking cute.

In Asian culture, foo dogs represent the lion and can be found guarding imperial palaces, tombs, and government buildings. They are seen as protective statues and even thought to ward off evil spirits. I love the idea of an item with a meaning behind it. My last roommate left an evil eye charm hanging by our doorway that's believed to ward off envy or dislike, and I love seeing it everyday as a reminder to ward off negative feelings. If that's not for you, these little guys do a great job of adding a burst of color to your decor.


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