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June 25, 2013

After spending a little over a week at the beach, I was ecstatic when my favorite glasses company, Warby Parker, asked me to help debut their newest collection. Named after the geographical mark that pilots use to determine their longitudinal degree, The Meridian Collection is the perfect frame for impromptu summer travels. Something about aviators to me screams summer to me.

The collection has 3 different styles that all come in polished gold and jet silver.
Here are my favorites from each:



I'm a gold girl, so my favorites are the polished gold Raskins. 
Here's how I would style them for summer travels. 
Which is your favorite?

If you’re new to the Warby Parker, they became my go-to glasses store a few years ago because of their wide variety of stylish frames and sunglasses, affordability (around $95) and for their buy a pair, give a pair promise. They donate a pair of glasses for every pair sold to someone in need! 

They also have a really awesome home try-on program where you can order 5 frames to try on and see which you like before ordering your prescription or pair.

Check out the rest of the new Meridian Collection here. 

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  1. Good to know! I am in the market for some new summer shades!


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