Farmer's Market / Union Square

July 15, 2013

I truly love the premise behind Farmer's Markets. I feel good supporting local farmers by buying their produce and admire the organic, no spray practice. On Saturday, I grabbed a coffee and wandered around the Union Square Greenmarket. The market is always full of energy happening every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8AM-6PM on the north and west sides of the park. The sea of fresh produce, seafood, meat, jams, honeys, wines, and flowers is overwhelming but in a good way. It's the perfect atmosphere to inspire new seasonal recipes and concoctions for Decor-Eat. I picked up some fresh corn, tomatoes, golden beets and sunflower greens, and am excited to cook up new seasonal dishes.

Every time I go to the market something new seems to always catch my eye. This trip, it was the array of green chickpea pods and sunflower greens. Evidently, sunflower greens have nearly as much protein as chicken! 

Are you a Farmer's Market regular or fan? 

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