Peet's Coffee / Do You Give A Cup?

July 09, 2013

Why is it that drinks we love as adults tasted terrible as children?

I remember being offered a sip of wine as a kid in France.
It was terrible.
Coffee followed a similar pattern. I couldn't understand why adults loved the stuff. Double hot chocolate with whip was my go-to at Starbucks. But today, there is hardly a morning you find me without a coffee in my hand. 

You guys know I love a good digital/social campaign probably about as much as I love my morning coffee, so I'm glad Peet's Coffee introduced me to their new campaign, Do You Give A Cup?. To launch their new single cups, Peet's is hosting the Internet's first social sampling campaign. Each week, Peet's asks America to vote if they give a cup or not about a topic. Those votes then determine where Peet's Sip Truck will host its next free sampling event of the new single cups. New York voting opened last week, and I'd really like to try some of the new single cups. Free coffee?? Yes please!

Aside from the free coffee appeal, I love the premise behind Do You Give A Cup?. It's hard to narrow down just one thing I care about, so for this week I'd have to say I #GiveACup about fitness. In the past 2 weeks or so, I've joined a new gym after a year hiatus, and committed to getting back into a workout routine. I'm a huge fan of yoga and have really missed taking classes 2-3 times a week. So far, I've managed some type of 30 minute cardio 3 times a week, and ran the Peachtree Road Race 10K in my best time yet!

How about you? What do you #GiveACup about?

*This post was sponsored by Peet's Coffee & Tea. All opinions and reviews remain my own, and are in no way indicative of the opinions or positions of Peet's Coffee & Tea.*


  1. Very cool campaign. Tell them to bring it to Minne!

    1. You'll just have to come back to NYC! There'll be 3 stops one at the Yankees Game at the end of the month!


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