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July 01, 2014

You’re looking at the newest addition to my growing plant family. After purchasing my first houseplant a few weeks ago, I finally decided to take the plunge and bought a fiddle leaf fig tree. Despite their reputation for being very difficult to keep alive, the $35 price tag at Home Depot made the purchase a bit easier to stomach. Plus, I freaking love these plants.

Shopping for a new fiddle leaf fig is a process. I've now been to the store a few times scouting for the right plant for me. I needed one with no brown leaves - with my plant reputation, starting with a one that's already struggling is border line abusive. I wanted one with only one trunk thinking that two trunks would be too big for my nearly 900 sq ft. apt. And one where the pruning was already done at the bottom.


Choosing the pot was the next hardest step. I had no clue how big the pot needed to be. This one turned out to be too small, and I learned the pot should take up about 1/3 of the tree trunk. I ended up going with this lovely Saints fan-boy plant pot that I will be turning into a chic planter. 

If you're interested in hoping on the fiddle leaf fig bandwagon, I’d suggest checking under the leaves in the more bushy trees. The two trunk trees had some pretty intense spiders under the leaves that were a bit too daunting for me to bring them into my apartment even though I was going to be trimming the bottom with the leaves they were on. Eek.

And we're off!

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