I'm Going To Let You In On A Secret...

July 08, 2014

You guys know I love Home Goods. I scored our awesome wood and iron TV console and french antique styled bed bench there not to mention we pretty much decorated my sister's entire nursery from that store. So, it's no secret that TJ Maxx and Home Goods are a part of the same company, one is clothes and one is home decor...right? Wrong. Holy crap TJ Maxx is like a hidden gem for home decor! Check out these steals.

The stools on the left I ordered Memorial Day weekend from Wisteria. The order was postponed three times with a delivery date of mid-August until I cancelled the order. I was so excited to see very similar stools today for half the price! At Home Goods, it might take an hour for these pieces to be purchased. The store said they get shipments Tuesday- Friday, so that means these pieces have been in store since last Friday. 

This vintage french styled bench was my favorite piece I saw today, and I wish I had room for this in our home. What a find!

This piece, I don't remember the exact price, but I can't image it's more than $500. Would love this behind a couch.

Some other pieces I loved, I went home with the pillows on the bench, but am so bummed I didn't get the bamboo tray. It was on clearance for around $30 and would be amazing on our bar cart.


  1. I miss TJ Maxx. Don't have them here in Germany.

    1. Yesterday was my first time there in like 10 yrs...totally blown away!

  2. We had TK Maxx in the UK and I swear, every single decorative object I owned came from there. Sadly, neither TJ Maxx or TK Maxx exists here in Australia so I just have to live vicariously through you.


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