Antiquing in Atlanta - Scott Antique Market

July 14, 2014

Two huge warehouses with over 2,000 antique vendors,  I call it the perfect Sunday. 

Scott Antique Market is an antique show that comes to Atlanta the second weekend of every month from Thursday to Sunday. Since I've been back in Atlanta, the second weekend of the month just hasn't worked out for a trip to Scotts until this weekend. I went to Scotts about 4 years ago, and I will admit I was a decor and antique show rookie. I walked into it thinking there would be tons of cheap furniture to purchase and DIY. I was way off. 

Since starting Decor-Eat, I'd like to say I'm a little less naive. I know how much an antique rug should cost, what's a bargain, what's not, and what a "dealer" discount is although I still showed up to the show without thinking to bring cash. Definitely a rookie mistake, but I'll cut myself some slack since this was only my second rodeo here. We spent the day browsing around the expos looking for french chairs for the living room, and just didn't quite find the right pair - we found one with a misfit pillow...

and one with the wrong arm and leg finish plus a need for re-upholstery...

unless you count the one that was already sold.

We ended up liking a style a bit different than the Louis XVI style we went for, but went home empty handed.

My favorite from the trip were these awesome "banana chairs." I love the chair frame detail, black and white striped fabric and floral pillow. My picture came out blurry, so this one from The Upholstery Fashionista's FB page

Awesome, right?

Here are some of my other favorites from this weekend:

Outside of Scott Antique Market, there was also a great tent in-between the North and South expos with a lot of french furniture from dining room chair sets to living room chairs to hutches and secretaries. 

I thought this secretary was really awesome because the support beams came out automatically when you opened the drawer.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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