Apartment Update III

July 07, 2014

Adding a fiddle leaf fig tree to your apartment is like buying a new piece of furniture, but thank goodness it's cheaper. When fiddle leaf fig trees first gained popularity some were going for the upwards of $200. Nowadays its a bit easier to get on board with the fiddle leaf fig craze with places like Home Depot and Pike's Nursery selling the trees for around $25-35 dollars making the pot the most expensive part of purchase. I lucked out finding this lovely planter for just $20, which was a huge feat for such a large one. Other planters it's size were going for $60+. 

When I found the planter at the store, the sales associate asked me if I was a big Saints fan due to the black and gold colors and fleur de lis.

Adding some white spray paint to the pot, and the pot has a more french/chic look.

In addition to the new fiddle leaf fig, we did some rearranging in the apartment this weekend. We decided to move the gray trellis rug to the bedroom and leave the white cowhide as the main rug in the living room. It makes the room feel bigger and less cluttered, and leaves a space for a Louis XVI chair I've been dying to have, a Moroccan pouf and oversized cork stool.

We also started a gallery wall around the TV to help bring it into the room's decor. Thank goodness great things like the World Cup, Wimbledon and Hook we're on the TV to help entertain me during the gallery wall process. The thing that helped me the most was using pieces of paper to mark where each of the picture frames would be. I moved them around at least 15 times, and am really happy with how the wall's set up turned out. 

Now we just have to choose the art for the empty frames.

Liking these pieces for the apartment to mix traditional and modern for an eclectic look.

For The Apartment

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  1. So cute! The place is coming along nicely :)

    1. Thanks! We are so happy with the rug move.

  2. Such a cute apartment and what a perfect gallery wall! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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