Shoes on Shoes on Shoes - Creating Your Dream Closet

July 16, 2014

If you had asked me which celebrity closest I would want, I would not have guessed Ashley Tisdale's. And while that still holds true from what's in the closet (Olivia Palermo's please), I am definitely coveting her amazing set up and space. I mean check out that shoe wall!

Designer, Lynn Nigro's, Parisian styled closet would have been a better guess, but any chance of me picking her out of the crowd would be slim. More envious shoe racks and this time glamorous see-through drawers.

Being that it's Hump Day, which on Decor-Eat means it's the day of the week dedicated to home makeovers (as if I don't dedicate every other day of the week to dreaming about decorating my apartment), this Hump Day Home Makeover, I'm planning a weekend project for CT and I. It's one of the few we will have in town for the next month (phew - travel posts are in our future), so of course I'm already in overdrive planning which home decor projects to tackle. I have planted the bug that a trip to the Container Store is needed, and have been accidentally and as it turns out strategically leaving my shoes in the kitchen or in a messy pile in my room catching CT's type A personality's attention. Ultimately making him the perfect partner in crime for the weekend project. I want and need a shoe rack, and need more shelving for folded clothes and purses.

The Coveteur
Here are some pieces I think help make the perfect organized dream closet.


  1. This is so on my list, to organize and beautify my closet. I want to make one of the walls in there a shoe wall! Love your inspiration.

    1. Thanks - You should definitely make a shoe wall. I really love mine, and it makes my closet so much more organized.



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