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September 04, 2013

Sometimes you have these moments when you realize just how far you've been sucked into home decor obsession. Friday night, CT and I were walking back from the King Street bars and I was snapping pics of store window displays that I had to come back to see the next day. 

We had a lot of fun in South Carolina this Labor Day with some great food, King Street shopping, college football kicking off, (well kinda...if you're a dawgs fan like me you've already started forgetting Saturday), the beach, books, and kitties. 

Michael Mitchell was one of those stores I had to check out and of course I found this metallic piggy bank I had to have. It's $200 price tag secured it a top spot on my wish list. Circa Lighting was the next store which I have seen online but didn't know was actually founded in Savannah making me like it even more.

At Pawleys Island I read a really great booked called, A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash. His writing style reminds me of great story tellers like John Steinbeck or any other great author you unknowingly complained about having to read on your summer reading list. I know I did. Oh and I fell in love with our beach kittens, who are now about 5 months old. Khalessi, the white kitty above, is my favorite - super sweet and playful. It's just killing me that I can't bring her to live in my New York apartment!

And in case you were wondering...
The Ordinary in Charleston is as good as you've heard, so check back next week for my recommendation on what to order!

Row 1: Home-cooked vegetable plate inspired by Georgia Grille | Sunset at Pawleys Island | Metallic Piggy Bank at Michael Mitchell

Row 2: Complimentary Low-Carb Breakfast in bed at Harborview Inn (I told you this place is the best!) | CT and Me at The Ordinary | Brussel Sprouts

Row 3: The view from the Harborview Inn rooftop | Thornton Table Lamp at Circa Lighting | Crab Statues at Michael Mitchell

Row 4: Shrimp + Corn Dinner | More Pawleys Sunset | Salmon, Whipped Cream Cheese, Capers, Green Onions Appetizer 

Row 5: Crab dock essentials | Khalessi | Jalapenos Margarita at Los Americanos

Row 6: Salad Nicoise at King & Grove | Basil Margaritas | Jalepenos Corn Muffins

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