Brooklyn Weekend + Upcoming Blog Sale

September 16, 2013

CT and I have spent our past two weekends together just wandering around Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. It's a great change of scenery and pace from NYC and fun to see a new part of New York. On Saturday, we headed over to Bedford Avenue to find a new brunch spot and tried Sweet Chick. Sweet Chick's signature brunch dish are the chicken 'n waffles, which weirdly enough I've never tried despite growing up in Atlanta, Georgia
Holy chicken 'n waffles!
They were so good. Salty and sweet = amazing. Sweet Chick serves the dish with three different kinds of butter - rosemary, honey and raspberry. The rosemary was my favorite and I loved the syrup on the chicken. 

Saturday night, we were back in Manhatten and went to the Upright Citizens Brigade to see this improv comedy show called "Grandma's Ashes." The idea? The audience submits a secret that the cast then acts out. It's only $10 and hilarious, so I highly recommend it! 

I also started cleaning out my closet for Fall this weekend and have a lot of clothes I just haven't worn. I've put a couple of the items on ebay (here and here), but am thinking about trying out a blog sale. Another blogger I follow did one a while back and it was such a great idea of what to do with the clothes you've really only ever worn once or twice..or the item you bought online that didn't fit so you never wore it and you forgot to ship it back...oops. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. 

Have you tried out a blog sale? I'd love to hear what you thought if you ran one or participated in one! 

Cheers! Hope you had a great weekend too.

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  1. I love wandering Brooklyn on the weekends, too! It's a good way to be outside & explore a new place (I live in Queens) without all the people you'd get if you were wandering Manhattan.

    Blonde in this City


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