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September 19, 2013

I had every intention of catching the very last bit of Hump Day today with a long overdue Hump Day Home Makeover, only to realize the obvious...

It's not Wednesday. 

In the grand scheme of forgetting what day it is it's definitely a win when you realize you are closer to the weekend than you thought. 

This week I spent more time than usual at my job, which got me thinking about how office spaces influence your mood, creativity and quality of work. Going into an office every day with a team and office culture keeps work exciting, motivating and on worse days manageable. But what about the professional bloggers out there? I can imagine keeping up motivation and creativity can be tough and make your office surroundings even more important. For me, its fun to think about having a home office one day considering my current favorite is pretty much bigger than my whole New York apartment. My home office would have to be simple, clean, bright and have a really big table.

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