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August 01, 2013

Georgia O'Keffe's Home

For the past few days, I've a huge urge to get out West. CT and I have been plotting our next rendez-vous (Oh, the joys of long distance dating), which almost always turns into wishful trip thinking. Back in high school, my art class took a trip to New Mexico, and I was remembering how beautiful and down to earth the place was. I'm going to art nerd geek out on you for a second, but there is a reason why renowned artists like Georgia O'Keefe set up shop there. It has a surprisingly vibrant art scene with more galleries per capita than New York City! I came back from that trip truly feeling inspired to paint, and hooked on a sienna brown gesso.

Unfortunately, I went to Sante Fe before digital cameras were big, but I wanted to share some beautiful pictures of the state.

Georgia O'Keefe's house - Architectural Digest
Beautiful, am I right?

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