20 Picks For Your Fall Wardrobe

August 15, 2013

I now understand what people have been talking about when they say they love seasons. Atlanta seasons are pretty much hot and warm, so it can be impractical to follow the rest of the countries fashion trends. I love New York weather and the style that comes along with Fall even more. I've already been suckered in to making a few preemptive Fall purchases, so here are 20 of my favorite picks for the upcoming season.

What are you most excited about for Fall?


  1. Awesome picks, really finally getting excited for fall! Looking forward to pairing skinnies with booties + chunky sweaters :)
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for a Fall wardrobe!

  2. Obsessed with the booties! I can't wait to pair my oversized knits with my leather leggings!


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