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August 02, 2013

I was pretty excited to see that today's Friday's Fancies topic was shorts. I have been a long time loyal dress wearer, but this year's shorts have been so cute I couldn't stay away. Anthropologie has an awesome selection of unique, patterned shorts this season and a lot of them are currently on sale! I picked up the Rose Point Shorts for only $29.99, and have been living in them. Online most of the sizes are sold out but you can still find some in the sale section at your local store. I have also been really impressed by J.Crew's new Fall line. I loved it during Fashion Week and now that it's out I can't wait to buy some of their silky patterns.

What are your go-to shorts and where are they from?

I've seen so many cool things on the interweb this week, that I couldn't leave you to the weekend without sharing my favorite.

If you click on one link today, it should be this one.
This girl takes some really breath taking and intriguing photographs!

Check back next week for a new giveaway!

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  1. Wow- those photos are amazing! Thanks for the link.
    I have been living in shorts this summer too; they are just so easy to throw on and look pulled together. I love a good patterned short for that reason- they add interest to an outfit so easily!
    Have a great weekend.


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