hump day home makeover / how to decorate when you can't paint

February 27, 2013

This hump day home makeover was specially crafted for my renter readers. As a renter myself, I feel the pain of not being able to decorate your living space the way you want. My first instinct to revamp a place is to paint the walls and since I don't own my apartment this isn't really an option for me.

I've been thinking about a few of these for a while as a solution to my drab walls, and am most excited about the fabric wallpaper. This is such a cool idea that I hadn't thought of before and the closest solve to not being able to paint. You just use a light-weight fabric and fabric starch to apply the fabric to the wall and when it's time to come off you get it wet and it peels off! If anyone has tried this, I'd love to know how it worked.

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  1. These colorful mirrors are SO fun! What a great addition of color to any room!



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