West Coast: San Francisco + Lake Tahoe

February 04, 2013

I'm back from my west coast vacation and am already missing the scenery and beautiful weather. This is the view from my friend's Financial District, San Franciscan apartment. Jealous? I am!

We got up Friday morning, saw the sunrise and headed out driving to Tahoe which took us through bay to valley to mountains in only two hours. We stayed in Truckee and went skiing at Tahoe Donner and North Star.
North Star
There is definitely something to be said about ski culture. After a weekend on the slopes with conversations that are made up of words like "pow pow" and "shredding," craft beer and wipe outs that scored a 10 from on looking liftees, I get what the ski bum craze is all about.

 The digital nerd in me also has to give Foursquare a shout out for it's ski bum badge.

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