Let Them Eat Cake

January 16, 2013

You may remember that I am a huge fan of Domino Magazine. When I discovered Domino in 2005, it was the first home design magazine that I had ever really identified with and the idea of working for a publication like that quickly became my dream job. The images and articles were different than the ones in the magazines that adorned my mom’s coffee table growing up. The modern and varietal collection of home d├ęcor pictures and DIY tips and tricks were fun and inspiring, and yet felt attainable.

So, when it came back in 2012, after a 3 year hiatus, I was quick to buy the $10.99 special edition - Quick Fixes, and just as quick to buy the Fall/Winter 2012 special edition – Best Rooms. In the Best Rooms edition, I discovered Amy Kehoe, and was inspired by a wood block print from Mark Milroy.

Turns out Mark Milroy and his wife, Kelly, actually own a limited edition print shop called Moody Road Studios in northeast Pennsylvania. The prints are hand-carved into blocks of clear pine, and are absolutely beautiful. Mark and Kelly were nice enough to send me a print, and I’m so excited to feature it on Decor-Eat today.

I've styled my limited edition "Let Them Eat Cake" print on my bar, and love its versatility and character.

I also love that the prints are created keeping nature in mind. Moody Road Studios uses sustainable cotton paper, non-toxic ink, and a hand-crank press to keep its footprint small.

See more of the Moody Road Studio collection here.

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