Update (Week 3 & a half??) / Bedroom Makeover

September 06, 2012

Carrie Bradshaw was right sometimes a girl needs a half. While everyone else in NYC is going crazy for the upcoming Fashion Week, I'm ogling over the new edition of Domino Magazine. And I tell you what, even after a 3 year hiatus from publication, it never seems to disappoint.

In this edition, the editors take readers through their favorites spaces of all timesMy favorite room from this bunch was Amy Kehoe, a principal of L.A. based Nickey Kehoe, Inc. I am completely obsessed with her sense of design, and am now rethinking my entire room plan (let's hope this is the final end to my indecisiveness). I love her approach to the color palette and furniture type in her living room, and turns out it's a perfect solve for how to make my vintage vanity fit into my overall bedroom scheme without having to paint over the tiger maple.

Here's my inspiration from Amy Kehoe:

Domino Magazine Fall/Winter 2012
Needing to make up for three weeks I've already wasted in my bedroom makeover (thank you indecisiveness) and get my room in shape for my out of town guests later this month, I hopped right into this new project last night - my rendition of Mark Milroy's woodblock print. I hung it up last night, and am already obsessed!

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