Make Up Bag Refresh!

September 25, 2012

I'm the classic offender of holding on to make up for far too long. So with Fall here, I'm doing a make up bag cleanse and refreshing with new looks for the season.

Make Up Bag Cleanse 101:
  1. Most sites say you can keep make up products for about 18 months, but I think it's best to live by the policy of - if you can't remember when you bought it - toss it
  2. Wash your brushes! It's suggested that this is done every 2-3 weeks. I think every month is fine. I love Bobbi Browns' Conditioning Brush Cleanser.
  3. Refresh your mascara every 3 months - This one is a must because let's be serious, eye infections are not cool. 
  4. Don't forget to clean your bag too.
  5. Replenish!
Here's a look for daytime and night time that I am loving for Fall from Bobbi Brown and Refinery29.

 What you need to get the look:

 What you need to get the look:

Oldie but goodies - There are a few staple products in my bag that I won't be ditching from Bobbi Brown, BareMinerals, Nars, Benefit and Sephora.


  1. Nothing can beat BareMinerals Well-Rested! I used it as a concealer and an eye brightener! I can't go a day without it!

  2. Thanks Shelly! I love all of my BareMinerals products, so I'll definitely have to give that one a try.


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