Anyone else over weekend snapshots?

September 17, 2012

Good me too.

This weekend I went home for the annual Bike MS Atlanta Ride to support multiple sclerosis research and Team Drummond. We had 66 registered riders and have raised over $34K so far!

It was an amazing weekend as always.
Two hours and 30 minutes on the bike was well worth the cause.
And guess what! 
You can still donate to support the Multiple Sclerosis here

The rest of my weekend was very busy trying to cram in eating at all of my favorite Mexican restaurants (twice) along with friends, family and bf quality time.

Somehow, I still managed to sneak in a trip to a design store and complete a dresser redo. 

So to those of you in Atlanta...
you should check out Horizon Home on Ellsworth Boulevard.

 French influenced floor-ceiling mirror 

 art deco desk? vanity? chest of drawers? I think vanity - see inspiration
 I thought this was really cool and very unique! Maybe best at a beach house, but I could see this as a stand up bar with you tray of liquor and glasses up top and bottom and wine bottles in the middle.
  I loved this piece that mixed the natural wood and metal - very Restoration Hardware, but much cheaper.
If I owned a restaurant on the Westside of Atlanta, I would have bought this piece to do something cool with it around the hostess area.

Final dresser redo pics coming soon, but in the meantime...
here's a sneak peak and a cute puppy!



  1. Your race is near and dear to my heart. My Mom was diagnosed with MS back in 2004. Thank you so much for participating in the race!

    I need to go to that store!

  2. Shelly - Sorry to hear about your mom! Hopefully she is doing well.

    The store is great! You should definitely check it out.



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