New Year's Eve Glam

December 30, 2012

I can't believe that tomorrow is NYE, and then we will be well on our way into 2013. Twenty-twelve was a fun year, and for some reason I have a really good feeling about 2013. So far, what I know about 2013 is that it's the year I will become an aunt! I could not be more excited (friends who know me and how awkward I am with children, this is your cue to laugh). But really I'm very excited for my sister, her husband, and my mom and dad who are about to become parents and grandparents! So in the spirit of thanking 2012 for the great year with a good send off and welcoming 2013 with a bang - I'm thinking this is the New Year's Eve for sequins especially for the people who never don a sequin dress - this is your year. 

I'm signing off for 2012 and heading to Charleston, SC. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's, and thanks for following decor-eat! 


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